lylina rss aggregator

is a RSS/Atom feed aggregator loosely based on it's predecessor, lilina. Although it features a similar interface, making it an easy upgrade and quite familiar to lilina users, it improves upon the formula with the addition of a much faster MySQL backend and a much more streamlined cron-based update system. It also adds optional multi-user support, allowing for each user to login and see a customized feed page, filled with the content of choice.
lylina supports RSS 0.9-2.0 and Atom 0.3-1.0, as well as other similar feed systems where applicable.
lylina requires any HTTP server supporting PHP with MySQL extensions, as well as a MySQL database. Currently lylina also requires user access to edit cron jobs, although this requirement will be removed in future versions.
If you have a great idea for lylina, need help, or just want to have a small discussion, please visit our forums.
Download the latest lylina version.
Want to try it before you buy it? (Just kidding, lylina is free GNU GPL open source software!) Here's a nice demo if your browser is lucky enough to support iframes: